| Mangrove Forest Landscape of Langsa Aceh
| Female visitors take pictures in the Langsa Aceh Mangrove Forest
| View the Mangrove Forest of Langsa Aceh from the air
| Monkeys in Langsa Mangrove Forest

In addition to mountains, beaches and cultural heritage, Negeri Serambi Mekkah has a natural tour that is no less interesting. Its name is Mangrove Forest of Langsa Aceh. Located in Kuala Langsa, this park is said to have been on an international scale and even foreign tourists have often glimpsed it.

The location is about five kilometers from Langsa City. Visitors who want to come here can ride four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles, by traveling to Kuala Langsa Port. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and suitable as a family tourist spot.

Complete Mangrove Forest

As mentioned earlier, this area of ​​eight thousand hectares is often the aim of international researchers. Cause of Mangrove Forest Langsa Aceh is touted as one of the mangrove forests with the most complete species collection. According to a source, no less than 38 types of mangroves are here.

Exploring Mangrove Forest Langsa Aceh is quite exciting. Visitors will be invited to walk on wooden bridges while seeing the lush greenery around them. No need to worry about security, because here there is a watchtower containing officers who are ready to monitor the situation from a height of 10 meters.

Interested in Young People

Langsa Aceh Mangrove Forest includes tours that are of interest to young people. Towards the weekend, lots of teenagers and young people visit here. Besides being beautiful, the entrance ticket is also cheap - only two thousand five hundred rupiah.

However, all visitors who came here were warned not to do anything strange. Especially if you only intend to enter the forest and interact with lovers. To ensure that no one is violating, the manager even makes a special warning board around the mangrove forest.

Fun for Selfies and Photos

There are many neat spots for just taking a selfie or taking beautiful photos in the Langsa Aceh Mangrove Forest. Generally the point that becomes a favorite of tourists is the curved brown bridge above the waters. So beautiful, there are also couples who occasionally make this place a pre-wedding location.

The next favorite spot is the watch tower. This point can be found in the middle of a trip along the Langsa Aceh Mangrove Forest. If you dare to climb the vertical stairs, you will be presented with a view of the mangrove forest from a height - beautiful and charming.

Meet the Monkey

Langsa Aceh Mangrove Forest is also a habitat for several local animals, such as monkeys, snakes, monitor lizards, fish, shrimp and crabs. Especially for the horde of monkeys, they occasionally appear to visitors. Therefore it is recommended not to bring food, sparkling items, or other objects that can attract monkey attention.

So far there have been no incidents involving monkeys and tourists in the Langsa Aceh Mangrove Forest. But just in case it certainly doesn't hurt.

Complete facilities

As one of the popular ecotourism destinations, Langsa Aceh Mangrove Forest has complete facilities to spoil tourists. In the outer part of the forest, there are various food stalls for those who want to rest their legs while filling their stomachs. The choices also vary, ranging from Aceh noodles to various seafood.

Langsa Mangrove Forest is open every day, but pay attention to visiting hours. The manager starts giving access at nine o'clock in the morning and closes at six o'clock in the afternoon. Towards Maghrib, there will be a warning to all tourists to immediately leave the location.

That was a glimpse of the beauty and features of Langsa Aceh Mangrove Forest, one of the interesting ecotourism destinations in Aceh. If you have the opportunity to visit the Land of the Mecca Veranda, there's no harm in taking the time to come to this location.